Suitable For Family Clinics

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Get the perfect body you’ve always wanted! Introducing our portable ems sculpting machine, with max 15tesla energy for slimming and muscle increase. Try it now and see the difference! #EmsSculptingMachine #BodyGoals

New Arrivals, 3 In 1 Technology Renasculpt FE60, total 5 handles, as same time work 4 handles, with ems rf renafem triple technology,Up to 15 tesla energy, 135hz high frequency exercise muscles

Combining three technologies, renafem + rf + ems. Triple action up to quickly achieve 35% fat loss and 30% muscle gain. It has obvious effect on the treatment of pelvic muscle recovery. Lifts and tightens skin while losing weight;

High Efficiency 60 minutes treatment= 150,000 push-ups

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