OEM Service of Winkonlaser

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1, Which machine ??
A and B talk and make sure the technology of this OEM machine.

2, What is your favorite design??
Client find some favorite machine pictures on internet and send to Winkonlaser, let us know what kind of style you like, portable or standing.

3, Machine inside construction.
Winkonlaser engineer and designer make machine inside construction design, according the function and technology of this OEM project.

4, Start to design.
Winkonlaser start to make design according to the inside construction and the design pictures that clients favorite.
* Design time: about 2 weeks.
* The final design pictures can be changed until clients feel totally satisfied.

5, Make sure the final design pictures.
* Winkonlaser offer at least 2 different colors and 3 different angle design pictures (front, back, 45 degree)

6, Making new screen program.
If clients need change screen, Winkonlaser will make a new screen program, tell us your favorite color and style.
* Time: 1-2 weeks, screen picture will be change until clients are totally satisfied.
* If only change color on basic of our original screen(no button position change), it is free.

7, Open Mould.
Winkonlaser will arrange cover factory to open mould on this new design cover.
* Mould Cost: according to difficulty of cover.
* Time: 4 weeks.

8, Making first sample cover.
* Sample Cover Cost: according to difficulty of cover (including package)
* Time: 2-3 weeks.

9, Make inside metal structural frame. (if needed)
* Cost: 10 piece at one time
* Time: 2-3 weeks.

10, Making first sample machine.
After the sample cover be ready, Winkonlaser engineer will produce the first OEM sample machine. Usually, the first sample cover need to be changed a little after we finish production and test.

11, Making 10 or 20 piece covers.
Making 10 or 20 pieces covers, at one time.
* Time: 3 weeks.

12, New OEM machine finished.
Winkonlaser factory receive 10 piece covers, we keep them in our factory. When clients order new machine, we reduce cover’s fee from the total cost. One OEM machine prepare time is 3-5 working days.

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