Hair Removal

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Intelligent Joint Control Innovator

Areslite uses a non-crystal laser to release, reducing the weight of the handle and enhancing energy delivery by 50%.

How to use the handle screen

Pausing and adjusting energy can be realized through the handle’s own HD screen.

How to choose the handle

areslite dm40pro has two kinds of light spots, 15*20mm/15*30mm. It is recommended to use 15*30mm for most parts, such as thighs, arms, chest; use 15*20mm for small parts, such as lips, face, underarms, bikini

How to choose the wavelength

The common wave bands of semiconductor laser hair removal are 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm;

how to choose energy

For beginners, it is recommended to start adjusting from 10J energy, and make adjustments according to the actual experience of customers. At the same time, after receiving the machine, we will do treatment training for you according to professional operators.

how effective is the treatment

Areslite dm40 pro uses non-crystal laser to reduce energy loss and increase energy intensity by 50%. At the same time, the unique SIFHR technology enables the machine to reach a frequency of up to 20Hz. This will mean that patients receive treatment in half the time and virtually pain-free when combined with CoolingPlus. Only need 3-4 times to achieve permanent hair removal


areslite uses non-crystal laser, the machine is up to 200millions lifespan. This will mean, you can treat 8 times more clients than other suppliers machines

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Body shape series:

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Skin treatment series:

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