EMS Body Shaping Effect

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Treatment Case: EMS Body Shaping Effect with FE60


In this treatment case, we will explore the effectiveness of EMS body shaping technology and its incorporation into the innovative FE60 machine. EMS, or Electric Muscle Stimulation, is a cutting-edge technique that stimulates muscle contractions to enhance muscle tone and aid in body sculpting. The FE60, also known as RenaSculpt, is a state-of-the-art device that utilizes HIFEM technology to deliver powerful EMS treatments. Let’s dive into a scenario where a client experiences the remarkable body shaping effects of EMS with the FE60.


Client Profile:
Name: Sarah
Age: 35
Concern: Stubborn abdominal fat and lack of muscle tone


Case Details:
Sarah is a busy professional who leads a sedentary lifestyle due to her desk job. Despite her efforts to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, she has been struggling with stubborn abdominal fat and a lack of muscle tone in her core area. Seeking a solution to sculpt her midsection and enhance muscle definition, Sarah decides to visit our beauty salon, where we offer the cutting-edge EMS body shaping treatment with the FE60 machine.


During the initial consultation, Sarah expresses her desire to achieve a more defined and toned abdominal area. Our expert therapist assesses her body composition and explains the benefits of EMS technology in targeting fat reduction and muscle enhancement. The therapist recommends a personalized treatment plan using the FE60 machine to address Sarah’s specific concerns.

Treatment Plan:
Based on Sarah’s goals and the capabilities of the FE60 machine, the therapist designs a comprehensive treatment plan. The plan consists of multiple sessions, typically performed once or twice a week, depending on Sarah’s schedule. Each session involves a 30-minute treatment on the targeted abdominal area using the FE60 machine’s EMS technology.

Treatment Sessions:
Session 1:
Sarah arrives for her first treatment session excited and eager to see the results. The therapist prepares the FE60 machine and explains the process to Sarah. The machine is placed on Sarah’s abdominal area, and she feels a series of intense muscle contractions as the EMS technology is activated. These contractions are designed to mimic the effects of an intense workout, engaging the muscles and promoting muscle growth.

Session 3:
After a few weeks of consistent sessions, Sarah starts noticing significant changes in her abdominal area. The stubborn fat layer is visibly reduced, and her muscles feel firmer and more defined. Encouraged by these initial results, she continues with her treatment plan.

Session 6:
At this point, Sarah is thrilled with the progress she has made. Her abdominal contour has significantly improved, and her muscle tone has increased dramatically. The therapist reassesses Sarah’s progress and adjusts the treatment plan accordingly to target any remaining areas of concern.

Session 10 (Final Session):
After completing her treatment plan, Sarah achieves her desired body shaping results. Her abdominal area is sculpted, and her muscle definition is prominent. The therapist provides Sarah with post-treatment recommendations to maintain her results, including a healthy diet, regular exercise, and occasional maintenance sessions with the FE60 machine.

Sarah’s experience with EMS body shaping using the FE60 machine demonstrates the remarkable effectiveness of this technology in achieving body sculpting goals. Through consistent treatment sessions, Sarah successfully reduced stubborn abdominal fat, improved muscle tone, and achieved a more defined and contoured midsection. The FE60’s HIFEM technology played a pivotal role in stimulating muscle contractions, surpassing the effects of traditional exercise. The combination of EMS body shaping and the FE60 machine has empowered Sarah to feel more confident and satisfied with her appearance, showcasing the potential of this advanced treatment approach for body sculpting.


What’s the Renasculpt FE60

Combining three technologies, hiemt + rf + ems. Triple action up to quickly achieve 45% fat loss and 40% muscle gain. It has obvious effect on the treatment of pelvic muscle recovery. Lifts and tightens skin while losing weight;High Efficiency, Renasculpt allows you to do 100,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes for toning, building muscle and while at the same time dissolving fat.


Power: 5000w

Technology: hiemt + rf + ems

Handle: Total 5 Handle

Target Area: abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs, pelvis

Operating Difficulty Level: easy

Training: Free

Warranty: Up to 3 Years


How to choose handle

Renasculpt is providing 5 handle. including 2 large, 2 small, 1 pelvis pad, and 2 large applicators for big area ( buttocks, thighs, abdomen), 2 small applicators for smaller area ( arms, abdomen ). Notice, renasculpt is provide pelvis pad for pelvic Muscle Treatment.


How to choose therapy model

Renasculpt has 2 model ( automatic / manual ). if you are accepted to train, we are suggest choose manual type to provide efficiency. If you are operating for the first time, the best choose automatic type, the treatment parameters have been set. of course, we provide free training when you get it.


Whats the renasculpt effect

It has 5000w highest power and approved 4 handle as the same time work. So it’s can be Saving 50% treat time. This will mean you can treat twice as many clients. In addition, renasculpt has 3 kinds technology ( hiemt + rf + ems ). it for therapeutic benefit, up to 45% fat remove and 40% muscle build. For exercise to lose weight, it is equivalent to doing 100,000 squats in 30 minutes.


Who is suit use Renasculpt

In addition to pregnant women, heart patients. Aiming at excess fat, the effect of fitness treatment for lazy people is better.


About Renasculpt qualification

We have FDA register, European Medical Ce, ISO13485, ROHS etc.


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