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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Skin Tightening Lifting Machine. Through uses ultrasound energy to encourage the production of collagen, which results in firmer skin.

How many handle

HU700 total 3 kinds hifu handles. For body, eye, intimate. 3D hifu Cartridges that can be used for body therapy are 1.5mm 3.0mm 4.5mm 6.0mm 8.0mm 10.0mm 13.0mm 16.0mm; And 4D hifu Cartridges 1.5mm 3.0mm 4.5mm for eyes wrinkle removal; least, 5D Handle use for intimate care, it can 360 rotation emission and precise depth adjustment system.

How to choose cartridge size

For facial lifting, it’s better to choose 1.5/3.0/4.5mm. For body large area you can choose 6.0-13.0mm. Of course, 13.0/16.0mm can be used to slim. For the corner of the eye, 4D Cartridge is best for treat. The setting of 5D hifu Handle can only be used for private and compact.

How to operate use hifu machine

Using our multifunctional hifu machine, you can save the treatment site and mark the line problem of the operation area. First, remove all accessories such as jewelry, necklaces, etc. from the handling area. Next, clean the treated area, making sure the skin is dry. Finally, apply the cold gel evenly to the treated area. Start treatment by gently applying the blade tip to the skin. Try to find the most suitable energy level from low to high energy during treatment, different people can tolerate different energy. It would be nice to feel the warmth and the tingling energy of tiredness. (Feel free to ask customers). Repeat 1-2 times on key treatment areas. Remember to use a moisturizing mask after your facial.

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